Company Overview

Under the management philosophy of human respect, Asia Cement recruits the talented as follows:

Asia Cement establishes the figure for right person to achieve Vision 21, based on which it nurtures the talented.

  • Person Who Has Knowledge Knowledge

    Oriented toward the best in all aspects

    Person who becomes an expert in his/her area, creates new knowledge and leads value management using the created knowledge

  • Person Who Creates Creation

    Pursuing new changes all the time

    Creative person who consistently improves job with a critical mind rather than being satisfied with the present condition

  • Person Who Challenges Challenge

    Grand Future, Will to Make Dream Come True

    Future-oriented person who actively responds to changing management environment and overcome any difficulty to achieve the goals

Recruitment Method

Asia Cement calculates the persons required by each division and recruits them through public announcement or recommendations from schools. In case each business location needs personnel, individual business location may recruit independently.

Application Method

Asia Cement calculates the persons required by each division and recruits them through public announcement or recommendations from schools. In case each business location needs personnel, individual business location may recruit independently.

  • Application
  • Screening
  • Aptitude/Personality Test
  • Interview
  • Physical Examination
  • Final Decision
  • Screening (Advantage Rule Applied)

    - Those eligible for veteran benefits are given preferential treatment.
    - Those who have appropriate license, ROTC and foreign language fluency will be preferred

  • Aptitude/Personality Test

    Asia Cement places importance on the aptitude/personality test results under the management philosophy of knowledge, expertise and human respect.

  • Interview

    Interview consists of 1st and 2nd interview. The 1st interview is conducted individually, and the 2nd in a group of 4~6 applicants. The interviewer (6~8 persons) will focus on sincerity, personality, major, language, common knowledge and presentation ability.

  • HR System

    The major policy of HR system complies with the principle of dispensation of justice to both service and crime according to competency and performance based on the harmony spirit, which is operated as class system for each job field in accordance with its characteristics. In addition, promotion system is operated to efficiently utilize, nurture and maintain the employee’s ability. The contents of promotion system are as follows:

  • Promotion System

    In case of promotion for managers, Asia Cement adopts merit-based promotion system in accordance with the equal opportunity principle. This system focuses on nurturing employees as experts and administers promotion by comprehensively assessing performances and competency. In addition, the shortest job period for each position is 3 years on average.

  • Job Rotation

    Taking into account nurturing high quality human resource, revitalization of organization, efficient HR management and training experts, Asia Cement administers job rotation for all employees. The training system of Asia Cement is divided into 5 areas to nurture Asia Cement People who can lead the 21st century through realizing the figures for right persons based on cooperation and harmony. The 5 areas are: class, common, job, globalization, and special training.

The Welfare & Benefit System for employees is aimed at shaping pleasant and harmonious job atmosphere by strengthening labor-management community attitude and enhancing job motivation under the equal opportunity principle.

각 부분별 필요한 인원을 산출하여 채용공고 또는 학교별 추천을 통해서 채용하며, 각 사업장에서 인원을 필요로 하는 경우 각 사업장에서 별도로 채용합니다.

  • Company Work Benefit Fund

    To provide substantial benefits to employees, the Work Benefit Fund supports housing, rent and living expenses. This fund also supports many other welfare and benefit programs.

  • Education Expense Support System

    To mitigate the burden of educational expense for the employee’s children, Asia Cement supports the full educational expense of employee up to 2 children from middle school to university and also provides aid to the expense for kindergarten.

  • Benefit Association

    Based on the spirit of Korea’s traditional mutual aids system such as Hyangak or Gye, this association was organized voluntarily by employees to increase employee’s social and economic position. This association is operated in each business location, widely used from family events to family loan.

  • Congratulations & Condolences Program

    In case of family events, Company Work Benefit Fund supports the congratulations & condolences as well as special vacation.

  • Company Housing & Dormitory Program

    When an employee has to work at Jecheon Plant, the company housing service for the married or dormitory service for single is provided.

  • Support to Company Clubs & Summer Vacation Center

    Asia Cement supports various company club activities and operates a summer vacation center during summer vacation season.

  • Support to Overseas Training for the Long-Term Employed

    Those who are selected as the long-term employed or good employee will be provided with an opportunity for overseas training fully supported by Asia Cement

  • Others

    -In addition to the above benefits, Asia Cement operates various programs for employee benefits and welfare including 40hr/week working time, employee’s stock ownership, gift for celebrating days, vacation bonus and rewards

    -The fair treatment in accordance with the contribution to the company parallel to the level of similar businesses will motivate the employees. There is also a systematic and reasonable wage management system well-established in Asia Cement.