Investor Relations

Founded in 1965, Asia Cement Co. Ltd (183190 KOSPI) is one of the largest manufacturers of cement, ready-mixed concrete and dry-mortar in Korea.

In its 50th year in 2015, it is the nation’s key industrial and basic construction material company with 4.5 million tons of cement manufacturing facilities and 3 million cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete and dry-mortar facilities and 1 million cubic meters of aggregates production capacity.
The company has as its resource the most productive limestone mine to last the next 200 years in the domestic cement industry.

The headquarter office is located in the Asia Tower building in Gangnam, Seoul and the main manufacturing facilities in Jecheon, Korea with related factories located throughout Korea.

The company’s recent financial result is 424 billion won in consolidated annual sales and 55 billion won in operating profit and 39 billion won in net income. Among domestic cement companies , Asia Cement Co. Ltd. maintains the most stable and secure financial structure reporting the debt-to-equity ratio of 35% and capital–to–capital surplus and retained earnings ratio of 3,457% with 795 billion total asset in 2014.

The company operates as its subsidiary Asia Industry Development., Ltd. that manufactures cement-related products and aggregates. It also owns and operates Gyeongju World Resort, the largest amusement park in southern region in Korea.