Dry Mortar(Asia Mortar)

PDT(Pulse Discharge Technology) Piling Mortar(with Anti-segregation)
Asia mortar for PDT (Pulse Discharge Technology) is a special mortar used for ground reinforcing method by pulse discharge technique. It can have high strength by mixing high performance water reducing agent and expansive admixture, improve workability and extension and be advantageous for economical site fabrication of stake.

Asia mortar is

Mixture of selected sands and all kinds of functional agents at ideal ratio which can be used instantly at the site by only adding water into it. It is an innovative construction material with enhanced convenience and efficiency.


You will be satisfied with excellent quality

- It passes through accurate mixing and manufacturing process by computer.
- It has excellent quality by removing the causes for crack.
- Its excellence has been already proved through many construction cases.

You can save cost.

- It removes unnecessary cost.
- It has no loss by installing most advanced portable silo.
- There is no risk for inventory through inventory management with portable silo.

You can implement efficient construction work.

- It is convenient with integrated shipping system.
- The professional courier will provide on-time delivery.

You can solve the air pollution problem.

- It can inhibit dust-generation.
- There is no need for waste disposal process including waste paper.
- You can work comfortably even in narrow space and densely populated residential area.

Application Process

Silo Transportation

Portable silo fabricated for efficient application will be transported by truck.

Silo Installation

Silo can be installed/moved in a narrow space


The mortar will be loaded onto the BCT through the bottom of silo for shipping

Product Input

Asia mortar transported by BTC is put into the silo installed at site


The mixed mortar is conveyed through pipe and easily placed.

※ It would be better to use

It has excellent quality

It compensate the weaknesses of existing mortar products to have optimal mixture and best quality through computer control with complete research process.

This product is recognized domestically and internationally through KS and ISO certifications

Accurate delivery is guaranteed

The businesses are located in the key places for transportation and the delivery is made by professional courier to guarantee on-time supply.

We provide excellent, most up-to-date complimentary facilities

The most advanced portable silo and mixer complementing existing facilities will be provided and operated for free.

We take care of site quality control.

Experienced and skilled quality control personnel will support to perform best quality construction work.


PDT(Pulse Discharge Technology) Piling Mortar(with Anti-segregation)


Used for fabrication of PTD for site placing


Packaging - Purchase Process

How to Purchase

-Those consumers who need limited amount are recommended to purchase through
sales agency.
-Those consumers who need continuous transaction may sign a purchase contract with
Asia Cement.
-When signing the contract with Asia Cement, the sales price, payment method and
transportation condition may be determined based on a certain form.
-For your purpose, packaged or bulk products can be supplied.


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