Customized Cement

High-early-strength Slag Cement
A type of slag cement that is similar to OPC but less expensive

GPC (Green Premixed Cement)

A premix of OPC and binder, this customizing cement offers high-function and high-quality at reduced cost to contend with the buildings becoming taller and larger and more high-quality.

Individual Mix Method (Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant) – Uses individual ingredients

Standard manufacturing method
Complicated ingredient scaling and management
Use of admixture and limited silo facility
High discrepancies in quality
Difficult to manufacture specialty concrete

Premix Method (Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant) – Uses GPC

Performance- / function-centric specialty cement
Able to add a small portion of admixture
High-performance blend
High-strength / low- heat / high-early-strength / spalling resistant

Wheel Tracking Test and Pavement Construction

Special Mortar Construction

Colored and Exposed Concrete

A type of slag cement that is similar to OPC but less expensive

Purchase Process

How to Purchase

-Those consumers who need continuous transaction may sign a purchase contract with Asia Cement.
-When signing the contract with Asia Cement, the sales price, payment method and transportation condition may be determined based on a certain form.
-For your purpose, packaged or bulk products can be supplied.


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