Customized Cement

Low heating cement in Asia significantly includes low hydrogen heat compared to high early strength type low heat cement added with three-ingredient low heat cement for general use and crude steel and low heat cement for wide use after mixing normal Portland cement, blast furnace slag differentials, and fly ash and also super-cement to be applied in the super large structures with consequent placement.

  • Ultra-low-heat Cement
    Ultra-low-heat cement is a blended cement developed to overcome difficulties caused by thermal cracking and degraded durability due to heat of hydration, especially in large-scale mat foundation in high-rise buildings. It well maintains high-strength...
  • High early strength Low heat Cement
    A type of blended cements composed of various compounds developed to achieve moderated heat of hydration and high-early-strength. This premixed compound is easy to maintain quality and retains extremely high resistance to fire and drying shrinkage an...
  • Ternary Low-heat Cement
    A premix of cement, slag powder and fly ash, ternary low-heat cement is easy to manage quality, retains high long-term strength, resistant to fire and drying shrinkage cracking, and deters alkali aggregate reactions....
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