Customized Cement

This environment-friendly Solidification agent product group construct of high-early-strength cement and mineral byproducts is composed of a selection of products from ground stabilization, DCM and backfilling materials.

  • Backfilling Cement
    Because of the recent climate change and our inadequate infrastructure and reaction, corroding underground utilities have risen to a national issue. We have developed environment-friendly backfilling cement product for filling the gaps around all fum...
  • Hardening Agent for DMC (Deep Cement Mixing)
    Among deep mixing methods, this agent employs mechanical agitation process to supply Hardening Agents in depth for stabilization by means of hydration reaction, dehydration, ion exchange and pozzolanic reaction. This Hardening Agent was mixed with hi...
  • Soft Ground Improvement
    Civil engineering deep foundation technique where a binder material, typically cement, is injected into the ground for ground stabilization and land reclamation by reactions of hydration, dehydration, ion exchange and pozzolan. This Solidification ag...
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