Customized Cement

Rapid hardening cement is a product mostly used in urgent and cold-weather road or bridge repair works. When mixed with ultra-high-early-strength cement (SE cement), it creates high-early-strength ettringite, reaching compressive strength of 25 ~ 39MPa in just 1 day, when it would take standard cement 7 days. Likewise, ultra rapid hardening cement (HE cement) reaches compressive strength of 25 ~ 30MPa in just 3 hours, when it would take standard cement 7 days, making it most adequate for extremely urgent repair works.

  • High-early-strength Cement
    A type of cement used in constructions of common structures, large-scale concrete structures and high-rise buildings in order to shorten construction time. It possesses many advantages in terms of construction including high-early-strength, enhanced ...
  • Ultra Rapid Hardening Cement
    Also called jet cement, this Ultra rapid hardening cement displays practical strength 2 to 3 hours after pouring. It also displays stable strength in long-term. The strength reaches about 20 to 30MPa 2 – 3 hours after pouring – it takes standard ceme...
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