Crushed Coarse Aggregates
Asia Cement inspects our crust aggregates under strict and thorough quality standards and acquired KS certificate on May 24th, 2006. Our aggregates product is field-proven and high quality.

Aggregates of Asia Cement are introduced here.

If you think of best quality, it is Asia aggregates.
The crushed aggregates for concrete of Asia Cement is the best quality product, the excellence of which was proved by acquiring the permission for KS mark on May 24, 2006 based on complete and strict quality inspection.
In particular, the crushed aggregates for concrete produced by Asia Cement is the recycled product from the raw stones left over after collecting raw cement materials rather than from the development of stone mountain which may destruct environment. This aggregates is the product taking care of people and the environment with various preventive facilities against environment contamination including anti-dust facility.
Asia Cement produces high quality aggregates with automated facility and has the capacity to supply to the place at the time that the customer wants.

Dimension & Purpose

1. #57(25mm)

2. #67(19mm)

3. #78(13mm)

Mixed Aggregates

Stone Powder


How to Purchase

-Customer needs to submit data for issuing tax invoice to Jecheon Plant, make payment and receive the ‘Certificate of Carry Out’ at the shipping room at Geumyong Mine.
-Please bring the certificate of carry out and receive the products at the loading lot.


-Since the unit price for aggregates is classified in accordance with type, please contact Jecheon Plant.


Jecheon Plant TEL : +82-43-649-5171, 5398 FAX : +82-43-649-5179, 5399 Directions

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